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Jochen Zeitz revealed that Foot Locker had proposed the sales of Puma in the chain store in the full range of products, if Puma is doing so, you can easily make the product sales doubled. However, this proposal is Puma declined, Bote Lun said: "we don't want those guys to buy Puma's cool products, see they do everything possible to find the streets are full of shoes." Zeitz said: Puma does not spell sales, long-term stable growth, and consumers to establish lifelong ties is our goal."

From a small German shoe factory that originally produced only sports shoes, to today's world famous enterprises, PUMA has gone through an unknown path of development. The performance of PUMA on the upgrade products than before, a lot of rich: in addition to the production of sports shoes, sportswear, sports, and sports bags and gloves, handbags and other accessories are also printed on thePUMA LOGO.